Key Benefits

  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs
  • Improved performance
  • Increased durability

Top-quality EXCEL™ spare parts for rope shovels

We offer solutions to issues related to rope shovel spare and replacement parts. Our reputation for excellence has made us a leading supplier of high-quality replacement parts. Designed using only the best materials, our rope shovels provide your equipment with reliability, value and unmatched performance. 

Quality and value


It’s important that you find quality replacement parts for a reasonable price. Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, we provide high performance parts for electric rope shovels that have earned the confidence of extraction (mining) operations around the world. From specialised pin and bushing sets to entire undercarriage replacements, our components offer optimal value and performance.

EXCEL™ rope shovel spare parts for easy repairs and better performance

Dependability, durability and value — these are the factors that define the best spare and replacement parts. Our spare parts for electric rope shovels are designed with these concepts firmly in mind, and offer decreased maintenance costs, increased throughput and the longest possible use life. 

Reduced repair and maintenance costs

Durability and dependability in our rope shovel spare parts allow machines to

operate longer between maintenance downtimes.

Improved performance
Reduced maintenance needs allow for a second benefit; longer running machines mean better throughput and increased revenue. Additionally, our spare parts are designed to improve equipment performance.
Increased durability

These parts are used worldwide for a reason: They’re built to withstand intense

wear and tear from mining operations. For the longest lasting rope-shovel repair and spare parts on the market, look no further than EXCEL.

Our spare parts offer the best possible return on investment

Better durability, performance and return on investment: this is what’s on the table for our electric rope shovel replacement parts. Our spare-parts selection covers a wide range of electric rope shovel models, all backed by the F3 Commitment to Fit, Form and Function. As such, our spare parts are made from the most durable materials and are specifically designed to improve equipment performance.

We offer electric rope shovel parts for:
  • 1900 models
  • 2100 models
  • 2300 models
  • 2800 models
  • 4100 models
  • 4800 models
  • 495 models
  • 7495 models
  • 301M
  • 191M
Parts offering
  • Bushings
  • Pins
  • Shipper shafts
  • Pinions
  • Upper rollers
  • Lower rollers
  • Track pads/track shoes
  • Drive tumblers
  • Idlers

Overlay & induction-hardened pins


We work to give you parts that optimise performance. When it comes to pins, our automated manufacturing process controls the depth of penetration of EXCEL™ proprietary overlay material to the base metal. This technique optimises performance by balancing pin toughness and hardness.

Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment eliminates the opportunity for gouging or point loading of bushings by precisely moving the rough surface of the overlay pin, which is typically in excess of 60HRC, to a smooth finish.

It is comforting to know that the parts supplier you choose has experience. By offering innovative designs like these, we have become a leading supplier of high-quality overlay pins in the mining industry. We utilise our seventy-five plus years of experience, high quality standards, modern production facilities and equipment in conjunction with our design and technological expertise to produce our products.


Matched pins and bushings


Our overlay pins and bushings are designed and produced specifically to your demanding application. When you use our pins and bushings together, you take full advantage of our applied engineering.

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